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He Who Shall Not Be Named plans for the future

Per the Washington Post article , in his next term, He Who Shall Not Be Named (Trump) wants to: Execute drug dealers Move homeless people to outlying ‘tent cities’ Deploy federal forces against crime, unrest and protests Strip job protections for federal workers Eliminate the Education Department Restrict voting to one day using paper ballots First, I had a bit of a chuckle then it occurred to me that he probably really believes this and the smile really fell right off of my face after realizing that most of his followers also believe it is a good idea.   Not only are these points awful from a policy perspective but they are each an insidious part of his plan to not only rile up his base but to eliminate resistance and focus power in his hands.   Let's look a little deeper at each point and dive into the subsequent effects of these "policies". Execute drug dealers - his thought (probably from a hero movie he watched) is that permanently removing drug dealers from the gen